The Foot + Body Mechanic Website rebuild


The Challenge

To Rebuild The Foot Mechanic’s website with modern functionality and design.

The Build

Louise needed her website design to be updated so that it looks modern and sleek. She has a very high standard within her business and that needs to be reflected in her website. Her website is already one of her main sources of enquiries and so teh website need to not only maintain that level of traffic and enquireies, but also shdoul improve with a new platform and design.

There woudl be some small changes to the written content, and soem small changes to the layout of pages but overall there would be no significant changes the underlying structure of the website.

After some brain-storming and sketching out designs based on Louise’s ideas and expectations, i settled upon a wider, full screen main top design with smaller 880px content columns. 
This allows for maximum page landing impact, but ease of reading when the visitor begins to scroll and read the content and information.

Some of the old website’s images were originally produced for a smaller columned website and so were not wide enough for full HD screen and also not as high a quality that i would be prepared to use on a client’s website. To resolve this i sourced new high quilaity, large images. In most cases identical images but in some cases relacing with very similar images approved by the cleint, Louise. The overall impact of crisp, clear, images perfectly compliments the new level of modern design.

use the slider below to view the oldsite – newsite comparison

The Foot + Body Mechanic website re-design 4 AFTER
The Foot + Body Mechanic website re-design 5 BEFORE

The Roadmap

After just a couple of standard revision stages, and approved by the client, teh website went live. Louise announced the website on her social media and the resonse was great. Her followers and customers loved the new site, some said it was easier to see and undersstand her information. 
Already Louise is enjoying recieving more enquiries via the website!

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