Gate Leaflet

The Armoury Gym

I was asked to design a unique leaflet  for The Armoury and The Armoury Woman Gyms in Brislington Bristol. 

After some research, I came across an interesting ‘gate fold’ design.

As both Gyms have their own separate, but similar branding, I designed this leaflet allowing both Armoury gym’s to use the same leaflet, which has stunning visuals and showcases the benefits of both gyms, all while reducing the need to produce two separate leaflets, which saved on printing and design cost resulting in a very happy customer.

When closed, the front of the leaflet displays the neutral ‘A’ logo, with a nod to each Gym with the blue and purple chevrons.

The leaflets open up to display a central design with information about gym memberships for both gyms and dual memberships. 

Membership information, prices and opening times are displayed left and right respectively for both of the gyms. 

The reverse side includes address and a location map.

This turned out to be a very unique leaflet, and enjoyed the working on this. #ChallengeAccepted

The Roadmap

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