Many businesses think of web designers a bit like they think of Christmas trees.

They’re there to do a job and once done, they are forgotten.

Conversely, many web designers take a similar approach with their clients – the job is to build a site and that’s it. Done. Dusted. End of story…

Except it isn’t – Not by a long shot.

A good web designer believes clients are not just for Christmas and businesses should feel the same way.

If you sell food products, be they cakes or meat, you need suppliers. Not just supplying the meat and other food products, but suppliers for machines, cleaning products, packaging, and so on. A website is like that. Machines wear out, packaging gets upgraded, and some things need to be re-ordered on an ongoing basis. Some can be tinkered with and improved or changed for promotions or to meet strategic changes. Think of your website in the same manner.

Fully Supported Websites – Year Round

A Web Designer is for life, not just christmas 2

Let’s ditch the metaphors for a moment and look at why you need year-round web support from your web designer and why my team and i are the best people for that.

Responsive Design
Got an edit or an update, get it done fast and professionally. Need support – get in touch any time. Have an idea for development – i built your system, i know it, let’s work on it. Year round support means your site can be improved anytime.

Your Business Evolves
There should be no such thing as a static business. Internal or external forces will make it evolve and you need flexible web design to keep pace with you. If you lack year-round support you’ll have to start afresh with someone else or start a new contract every time something needs changing. 

Upgrades Happen
Technology is getting smarter, web design is constantly evolving, and apps are being developed which can revolutionise your business whether you manufacture, are customer facing, in PR, or do business to business. Furthermore, your software, hosting packages, and search engines upgrade and change their services, platforms et cetera… this is where we come in – we keep abreast of these changes so you don’t have to.

Smooth Running
Even the best websites will not just run error free by themselves. All it takes is one glitch, one software update, one mistake by a hosting service, or one malicious attack and your site could be down. Constant care comes from having a year round web designer who knows your system inside out.

Websites with fresh content do well. Every website, no matter how nice it was 12 months ago needs fresh content and it needs its main pages renewed. Furthermore, by adding new content to your site you keep it relevant and you keep attracting new potential customers. 

Client Testimonial

“Working with Nomis and his team is always an enjoyable experience and they always welcome edit requests. Whether major or minor, changes are done quickly and professionally. Nothing seems impossible for them! I used to be with a different web master and support could take days just to get a response. I love the fact i can now relax knowing Nomis and his team have everything in hand.”
– Perry Hicks (Sarafan Sports)

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