What is Affordable Web design?

The word ‘Affordable’ is a vague term when it comes to web design! 

What’s affordable to one business, may not be affordable to another.

We need to look at several factors to find out how to make web design affordable to YOUR business. 

Do you have a web design budget? 

If you have a budget, it is a set maximum for finance reasons or is it just an ideal amount you think you should spend in web design? If you have a low set budget, you may need to consider that you will find a web designer with less experience and skill, or you may find that they cannot provide you with the same services or ongoing support. It may be that they use duplicate templates to speed up their work process to keep their costs down. 

Can you compromise? 

if you have been given a web design quote that you do not consider affordable, let the designer know your budget. He or She may be able to adjust the quotation to meet your budget and make it more affordable. The web designer will know what you can or cannot afford to compromise on, to keep your quote to a minimum. Maybe you don’t need Unlimited Hosting, maybe you are happy for the web designer to use a template,  ask the designer to include free logo design and maybe certain features can be added later on once the business is established or generating a bigger budget. 

Can an affordable payment plan be arranged? 

If you appreciate that the web designer can provide you with the high end web design that you were looking for but the price is still not quite affordable, ask the web designer if any payment plans can be arranged. Most web designers will allow you to pay a deposit, then split the remaining into two or three payments upon completion. The web designer should not add any interest if they are not a licenced creditor.

let the web designer know what payments are affordable. 

Avoid ‘cheap web design’. 

There really is no shortcut to high-ranking or high-end web design. Web designers offering ‘cheap’ web design will often use short-cut methods to get a very basic website live and leave you with a poorly built website with next to no search engine optimisation and no way of editing you content. They are very likely to charge a higher hourly rate for any changes you want in the future. A professional web designer will have included everything you need and things you may not even have thought of such as making the website responsive, maximizing optimisation, including licenced images into the build, social media linking, image galleries, content management, payment gateways (for ecommerce). 

If you want to know what can be done for a budget you can afford, please contact me to discuss your project!

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