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Clean, Modern, Responsive, Professional.

image of freelance web design project in bristol sarafan sports shop

Sarafan Sports required a move from a certain ‘do-it-yourself’ platform as they could not provide the same functionality and professionalism as i can, and they could not provide the same level of help as i provide. 

The online shop features easy to navigate categories and products.
Add items to your cart and checkout quickly from anywhere on the site.
Each product page displays “Similar Products” to encourage additional sales.

Client Testimonial

“Nomis and his team have always been great fun to deal with, and going to them with ideas becomes encouraging bringing that excitement back to new ideas. 
however, when it comes to business nothing seems impossible for them, this is a very important attitude as it’s about taking an idea in your head and making it real, if you have the imagination to want to start something, Nomis has the imagination on how to make it happen.
Imagination truly is the start of anything possible.”

– Perry Hicks CEO Sarafan Sports

The Roadmap

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