Beesy Training website 2020


16th October

Meeting to discuss new website requirements

Design Breif


To encourage contact/enquiry from people that already landed on the website via recommendations and social media links etc.
To create a website that looks stunning and easy to use. That quickly shows off who Terry is and what he does and then ultimately to encourage contact/enquiry.
The site must ‘grab’ people imediately but with the intent to get them to click a contact method.
Phone, Email (and Facebook messenger?).

Written Content to be provided by Terry.
Images to be provided by Terry.

Monthly Staging and updates included for 12 months.

October 2019

Deposit to be paid

October 2019

Design and build Started

I have begun build

We are here!

October 2019

Content to be Provided by Terry

Please Provide Written Content.
Consider What pages are needed.

Homepage should be a small intro to-the-point, you and what you do.
Then a sentence about each of the services you provide; injury rehabiliation, injury prevention, core conditioning etc.

Maybe a ‘Services’ page? This would include a bigger write up for eachof those services, maybe a paragraph each that just explains what it is, what it does.

Written content check list:

  • Homepage
  • About me
  • Services
  • Page four
  • Contact me

Please provide images.
Consider what images are needed (it’s better to provide too many than not enough).

Images needed for homepage, one main image and then images for each service you provide. i could use these same images for Services page too.
Try to get your face in them. Prefably photos woudl look ‘natural’ not forced or posed-for.
Provide any more images you can think of and i will find a best use for them over the website.

October 2019

First Presentation

First presentation cannot be reached until Written content and enough images have been provided.

But don’t worry, additional or revised content and images can be provided during 1st revisions stage before 2nd presentation.

1st Revisions stage

..if required

2nd Presentation

..if required

2nd revisions stage

..if required

Final presentation

Final revisions stage

..if required

Sign off

Late Oct / early Nov 2019


If you are happy with the work i’ve done for you, please feel free to