The Foot Therapist Website and Branding
The Foot Therapist (Bristol) Website. A Professional, Responsive and fully optimised website, along with facebook branding as well as business card and leaflet design.  The Web Design: Sandra required a website and logo design to ..
Brislington Local Directory
A Free Business Directory for Independent Local businesses. Shopping locally is not only the ethical choice, it also boosts local economy. For this reason, i decided to give back to the community by developing a totally free business direct..
Business card design and supply - The Foot Therapist
New start-up business The Foot Therapist, required logo design and business cards as the first step in their branding. I will also be designing and building the website and social media, but logo and business cards were first on the agenda. ..
Logo design for Ramifications tattoo studio
I was approached approached by Ramifications Tattoo studio to provide a full Branding and web design package. Firstly, Ramifications needed a high quality logo. The logo was to be used on posters, banners and a series of promotional videos ..
A Web Designer is for life, not just christmas
Many businesses think of web designers a bit like they think of Christmas trees. They’re there to do a job and once done, they are forgotten. Conversely, many web designers take a similar approach with their clients - the job is to build a site ..
Mining Rig
I wanted to try mining crypto-currency and wanted to build my own frame and rig. After a little research and help from a good friend (Jumus), i decided i wanted to set myself the challenge of creating a rig as cheaply as possible but still pract..
Jason Vorhees, screen accurate Machete (Freddy v Jason)
This is the finished Machete that a friend challenged me to build. The Machete needed to be screen accurate from the movie 'Jason versus Freddy.The bladeI began with a shop bought Machete and begun with grinding the Machete into a the worn shape. Onc..
Jack Daniels Lamp
Gate Leaflet design for The Armoury Gym
I was asked to design a unique leaflet  for The Armoury and The Armoury Woman Gyms in Brislington Bristol. After some research, I came across an interesting 'gate fold' design.As both Gyms have their own separate, but similar branding, I de..
Shop Sarafan Sports (The Armoury)
The Shop Sarafan Sports Website (The Armoury). Clean, Modern, Responsive, Professional. Sarafan Sports required a move from a certain 'do-it-yourself' platform as they could not provide the same functionality and professionalism as i can, a..
Fishguard Swim Security Website design
The Fishguard Swim Security website. Clean, Sleek, Modern, Minimalistic. Fishguard (Mogoza Ltd) required a high end website design along with fully managed website  maintenance and managed web-hosting, as well as supported professional..
Promotional Posters for The Armoury Gym
A double set of posters designed for The Armoury and The Armoury Woman Gyms in Brislington, Bristol to promote their Flex Cards.Both Gyms have their own separate, but similar branding, which needed to be carried across both designs...
MATuning Services Website
A website for an automotive ecu and performance tuning company.MATuning services aim to provide the highest standard of quality ecu remapping available in the marketplace today.https://matuningservices.co.uk..
The Orchid Handmade Kitchens Website
A high-end website built for Orchid Handmade Kitchens and Furniture. A Professional, Responsive and fully optimised website with 'collection' galleries.  The Web Design: Orchid Kitchens required a website for their high-quality pr..
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