Pallet Projects
Flight Case Dual powered Raspberry pi gaming case
2 raspberry pi's housed in a custom flight case.The case must run 2 Pi's and monitor, and enable to user to switch between the two pis quickly.Portable power.One external plug for charging.The case must provide access to:2x wireless gaming controllers.Keyboard and touch mouse pad.one switch to change Pi source.Pricing:1x large flight case £29.99 http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/flight-case-with-foam-n70ap10.1" Pi monitor £109.99 modmypi/monitorPower Bank with display (dual out) £14.99 amazon/intocircuit-powerbank2x wirelss snes controllers £50HDMI Switch £12.28 kenable.co.uk/2way-..
What is Affordable Web design?
The word 'Affordable' is very vague when it comes to web design! What's affordable to one business, may not be affordable to another. We need to look at several factors to find out how to make web design affordable to YOUR business. Do you have a web design budget? If you have a budget, it is a set maximum for finance reasons or is it just an ideal amount you think you should spend in web design? If you have a low set budget, you may need to consider that you will find a web designer with less experience and skill, or you may find that they cannot provide you with the same servi..
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