Web Presence on a REAL budget

Web Presence on a REAL budget

Even low cost websites can still be out of reach for some budgets, especially if you are self employed or just starting a new business.

However, there are ways to build your online presence at a very low cost, even free, without even hiring a web designer.
And NO, i'm not talking about build-it-yourself websites.

Firstly, what is a  web presence?

A web-presence is exactly that, your business' presence on the web. Even if you have a website you should also be thinking about expanding your web presence. The more places your Business and Brand appear on the internet, the more people 'see' it, the bigger your web presence.

Where do i start

[something here about building some good written content and collection of images, get your banding together first so you are ready to start putting stuff in front of people]

Also it is VERY important that all of your business information such ans email addresses, phone numbers and addresses are the same across your web presence, for example, if you have two phone numbers for your business, make sure you choose a main one and only use that for your web presence. Conflicting information across the internet can have an adverse effect on your google ranking.

Social media

Social media can be great for your business web presence especially for local businesses. Create a facebook business page, twitter, instagram, linkedin and any other social media profiles you think might be relevant to your business, making sure all info is relevant and looks good. Being active regularly on social media helps hugely but remember to keep your content relevant and regular. Want to take it to the next level? hire a content writer to write your blogs and even 'boost' your facebook posts.

Google Site

Google allows businesses to make their own websites easily. Yes this is a DIY website builder but it really is easy. It's simple too though, it's not the same as a stand alone website and will never be as functional and bespoke as a professional website. If you really don't like the idea of build your own websites, contact can me to do it for you at a very low cost.

Business Directories

Find local business directories to list your business. Make sure all the business information is accurate and any written 'about us' content is well written. It is also advisable to NOT duplicate your content so try to make your about-us content slightly different on each directory. Take time with each listing, make sure it looks good too, using all the relevant features available and also using high quality images. Don't forget to add all your social media links too as most business directories have a function for this. Want to take this to the next level? some directories will provide a premium service so that your listing appears at the top of relevant searches.

All these things are no substitute for a highly professional business website, but are very important still. Even with a website built you would still be advised to build on your web presence.

I can provide a web-presence package to help increase your web presence whether you have a website or not.

  • Google Site
  • Social media setup and branding
  • Business Directory listing
  • Brandign and Logo design