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Web Presence on a REAL budget
Even low cost websites can still be out of reach for some budgets, especially if you are self employed or just starting a new business.However, there are ways to build your online presence at a very low cost, even free, without even hiring a web desi..
Mobile Optimisation is now more important than Desktop
Google are now enabling Mobile-first indexing meaning that Googlebot will now start looking at the mobile version of your website for ranking and indexing.With Google's Mobile-first indexing it is now more important than ever to make sure your websit..
A Web Designer is for life, not just christmas
Many businesses think of web designers a bit like they think of Christmas trees. They’re there to do a job and once done, they are forgotten. Conversely, many web designers take a similar approach with their clients - the job is to build a site ..
What is Affordable Web design?
The word 'Affordable' is a vague term when it comes to web design! What's affordable to one business, may not be affordable to another.We need to look at several factors to find out how to make web design affordable to YOUR business. Do you..
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