Jason Vorhees, screen accurate Machete (Freddy v Jason)

Jason Vorhees, screen accurate Machete (Freddy v Jason)

This is the finished Machete that a friend challenged me to build.

The Machete needed to be screen accurate from the movie 'Jason versus Freddy.

The blade

I began with a shop bought Machete and begun with grinding the Machete into a the worn shape. Once i had achieved a shape i was happy with, i removed all the paint with abrasive and then re-painted black. To achieve the same worn effect from the movie, i began using a harder abrasive to reveal more of the silver coloured metal beneath the paint. More paint needed to be removed at the tip of the blade and along the cutting edge. I scratched up the rest of the blade  using hard abrasives and tools such as screw drivers and stanley (box-cutter) blades.

The Hilt

I created a new hilt using an old nail bar. i cut the shape using an angle grinder. i also had to give it a slight bend as per machete from the movie. Then painted it using black and  gold paints to achieve a dark worn brass effect.

The Handle

The factory plastic handle was removed and i began to craft a shape from wood for the new handle. I then painted the handle black on a white base coat. Then i roughly sanded the paint away giving a worn look. Once fixed to the machete, i needed to make the fabric handle wrap. i used an old cloth with a large stitch and washed it in dark brown and grey paints to give it an old look.

I am very happy with the finished machete and so was my friend. He had also purchased a full screen-accurate costume and hockey mask which he wore to a local event "Bristol Zombie Walk". He appeared dressed as 'Jason' along with his new Machete in many amateur and professional photographs, as well as many magazines and online news articles.

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