Mining Rig

Mining Rig

I wanted to try mining crypto-currency and wanted to build my own frame and rig. 

After a little research and help from a good friend (Jumus), i decided i wanted to set myself the challenge of creating a rig as cheaply as possible but still practical. 

We settled on the following main parts: 

  • ASUS LGA 1151 mother board
  • Intel Pentium Dual core G4400 3.3GHz CPU
  • 4x GEFORCE GTX 1050ti Graphics cards
  • HyoerX fury 8GB RAM
  • Aerocool MOD XT 750W PSU

i wanted to make my own frame with the goal of making it as compact as possible. i made a frame out of 20mm angle aluminium, riveted together. My first attempt was VERY compact but turned out to be too small. The cards shoudl be at least 2 inches apart for air cooling and i also would not have had room for additional cards at a later date. So, i made another frame larger which actually made building the rig easier as well. After testing the board, cards, CPU and PSU together, THEN building the rig, the whoel thign was turned on and powered up nicely.

Windows 10 was installed and also changes made to bios as instructed by Jumus. Once teh bios was correct, Jumus remote connected to the rig and began his work setting up the mining of BitcoinZ. Meanwhile i was setting up my wallet. 

I have now been mining on those 4 cards for a week and have a around 10400 BTCZ. At the current rate, that's worth around $30. In 3 months of mining, that will be worth around $380. Which means i COULD return the cost of the rig in around 4 months, still have the rig as an asset and still mining and profiting!

However, the coin is predicted to rise. As an example, if the coin only rises from $0.003 to $0.03 in three months, the aforementioned three month return would be worth $3800!!

Ming Rig 2.0




RAM (must be same DDR as mobo)

Graphics cards



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