Special Projects

Mining Rig
I wanted to try mining crypto-currency and wanted to build my own frame and rig. After a little research and help from a good friend (Jumus), i decided i wanted to set myself the challenge of creating a rig as cheaply as possible but still pract..
Jason Vorhees, screen accurate Machete (Freddy v Jason)
This is the finished Machete that a friend challenged me to build. The Machete needed to be screen accurate from the movie 'Jason versus Freddy.The bladeI began with a shop bought Machete and begun with grinding the Machete into a the worn shape. Onc..
Jack Daniels Lamp
Flight Case Dual powered Raspberry pi gaming case (WIP)
2 raspberry pi's housed in a custom flight case.The case must run 2 Pi's and monitor, and enable to user to switch between the two pis quickly.Portable power.One external plug for charging.The case must provide access to:2x wireless gaming controller..
Pallet Projects
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