Tara Arkle

Tara Arkle

The Challenge: Build a showcase for the current, and past published works, awards, and achievements of writer Tara Arkle

The Build:

Tara Arkle is an award winning writer, radio DJ, and TV presenter who later went on to found and run her own, independent production company - NewleyDale Ltd. My challenge was notonly to create a platform to showcase Tara's new work but also to find a way to preserve and present Tara’s past works including creating, managing, and updating her own IMDb profile and LinkedIn page. This included all stages of her career.

After a lengthy discussion with Tara to get to know what she’d done and how she’d like to be presented, we decided to create a quick overview of the projects management taking into account challenges, nifty solutions and so on. Rather than having a block of text, we decided to break it up with images designed to showcase some of her achievements and productions.

To achieve this, I needed to build on a list Tara gave me of her achievements, publications, and productions in order to flesh out the website. This also meant finding links and images for all of these so she could present them online in one central hub for the first time. This included her writing, TV and film credits, production credits, media work, and so on. I also built in a Twitter feed for the homepage at her request.

"Nomis created three beautiful websites for us, and these were not easy jobs nor were we easy clients! We had many demands, questions, and alterations that we required. He patiently dealt with every one! Thanks Nomis! Not just talented but a saint too!"
- Tara Arkle