The Orchid Handmade Kitchens Website

The Orchid Handmade Kitchens Website

A high-end website built for Orchid Handmade Kitchens and Furniture. 

A Professional, Responsive and fully optimised website with 'collection' galleries.  

The Web Design: 

Orchid Kitchens required a website for their high-quality product and service. The website needed to showcase all of their options, collections and additional services. With a design proposal accepted i got to work building a website which would compliment the company

Once the build was complete, it was submitted to the business owners for approval. With a few minor changes and tweaks the website was approved and was published.

The Orchid website is kept up do date as I continue to make changes and edits for Orchid whenever they instruct me of changes to their services or products.

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