William Arkle

William Arkle

The Challenge: Build a website to showcase the paintings, philosophy, and compositions of polymath, William Arkle.

The Build:

Working with William’s son, Nick, my challenge was to showcase William Arkle's enormous art collection which dates back to the 1950s. We decided to break the art down into galleries based on each decade, so one each for the 50s, 60s, 70s, and so on up to the modern day. In addition to this we decided to create a bio page and a basic contact page.

By far the largest technical challenge for me was the sheer number of images the website would require - we’re talking about 70 years of artwork. Each artwork would take up valuable data space which could slow down the loading of webpages while the overall quantity made navigation a key issue. While showcasing each piece properly is vital, so is ensuring each that each visitor has a good user experience and wishes to come back for more.

With thanks to the wonders of WeTransfer’s compression and sending abilities, Nick was able to get the images to me, so I could download and organise them. Each image was optimised to reduce their impact on page load times and to improve the site’s SEO. This was a time consuming process, but allowed me to build gallery frameworks, image lists, and other pages. Overall, the challenge was a fun one and I enjoyed being able examine, organise, and enjoy William’s art without having to paint them myself or buy them!

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