Jack Daniels Lamp
Gate Leaflet design for The Armoury Gym
I was asked to design a unique leaflet  for The Armoury and The Armoury Woman Gyms in Brislington Bristol. After some research, I came across an interesting 'gate fold' design.As both Gyms have their own separate, but similar branding, I de..
Fishguard Swim Security Website design
The Fishguard Swim Security website. Clean, Sleek, Modern, Minimalistic. Fishguard (Mogoza Ltd) required a high end website design along with fully managed website  maintenance and managed web-hosting, as well as supported professional..
Promotional Posters for The Armoury Gym
A double set of posters designed for The Armoury and The Armoury Woman Gyms in Brislington, Bristol to promote their Flex Cards.Both Gyms have their own separate, but similar branding, which needed to be carried across both designs...
MATuning Services Website
A website for an automotive ecu and performance tuning company.MATuning services aim to provide the highest standard of quality ecu remapping available in the marketplace today.https://matuningservices.co.uk..
The Orchid Handmade Kitchens Website
A high-end website built for Orchid Handmade Kitchens and Furniture. A Professional, Responsive and fully optimised website with 'collection' galleries.  The Web Design: Orchid Kitchens required a website for their high-quality pr..
Flight Case Dual powered Raspberry pi gaming case (WIP)
2 raspberry pi's housed in a custom flight case.The case must run 2 Pi's and monitor, and enable to user to switch between the two pis quickly.Portable power.One external plug for charging.The case must provide access to:2x wireless gaming controller..
Pallet Projects
What is Affordable Web design?
The word 'Affordable' is a vague term when it comes to web design! What's affordable to one business, may not be affordable to another.We need to look at several factors to find out how to make web design affordable to YOUR business. Do you..
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