Classic Kitchens Landing Pages

14th October 2019

Request to create two landing pages.

Written content and images supllied via email 14th oct 2019.

15th October 2019

Page one design begins

Starting with the first page…

The design will be like telling a story as they scroll.
“you are here because….”
“look no further”
“whats bad about everyone else”
“whats good about us”
“now contact us”

i may have added some words here and there to help the flow a little.

Contact buttons remain on page from the start to encourage contact at any point.

I have decided to include more customer images, even more can be added but these need to really be the best in terms of image quality not just Kitchen quality.

Some images are placeholders, hi res licenced images will be used upon approval. Or replacements swapped out if supplied.

Mobile optimised.

Lets think about the Call to Action…
I wonder if we can encourage contact even more? What would the easiest form of contact be for your customer base? maybe they find picking up the phone best? or facebook/messenger?
I have added a facebook messenger link and location icon (goes to contact page) as well as the phone and email icons.
These appear at the bottom of the screen permanently, but scrolling down reveals the phonenumber and email address too.

See the page here:
Using password CKD2019
(Link updated to 2nd iteration, see revisions stage below)

24th October 2019

Page one Revisions

Revisions made as per email Monday 21st Oct

24th October 2019

2nd Presentation of Page 1

See the page here:
Using password CKD2019

October 2019

Page 2 designed and presentation

See the 2nd langding page here
Using password CKD2019

October 2019


..if required

October 2019

Final Presentation

more revisions can be included if neccessary

October 2019