Completed 25th Aug

I have modified categories pages to show 99 products at a time now (each page)

Completed 25th Aug

You asked me to remove the drop down / catgeories / subcategories on mobile view.

I have now done this

Completed 24th Aug

See videos Here:

Scroll to bottom of this page, or click the green ‘videos’ button above.

Completed 23rd Aug

Problem: Cannot scroll through product images. only see one at a time.
Solution: The product images are now a slider.

Product sorting order is now set to ‘custom sort and alphabetical’.
This means the products are in albhabetical order by default unless assigned a sort order number.
For example:
Products A, B, C, D , E, F are all sort order zero by default so they fall into alphabetical order.
The lowest number you set comes first/top in the category.
Tip: instead of adding a sort order to ALL products, you could just set a negative number to the ones you want at the top. In the example, if you wanted E then D to come first, just set sort order to E and D:
E: -2
D: -1
A: 0
B: 0
C: 0
F: 0

Find the product sort order in admin > Products > edit a product > Product data > Advanced (see image below)

Image manager installed.
Video tutorial coming soon

Product image galleries now showing on product pages.

Please note, the Chatterbox album image doesnt look great for this box, please see the home-page.
It’s a nice album, just not sure the image is suited for this box.
if you want it sawpped out, we cant find a differnt one. If not, i’ll leave it.


This is the TITLE that shows when sharing to social medias.
This has now been set to: Ella Bonella – Albums & Interesting Scrapbooking Supplies

Image: Social media shows the first image on a webpage by default.
If you would like a differnt picture, please supply one. or let me know if you’d like me to make a new one (a can’t remember what the old one might have looked like).

Please bear in mind some browsers and search engines take some time to propogate this information.

Ella Bonella 3


The Favicon is now the ella bonella circle icon.

Please bear in mind some browsers and search engines take some time to propogate this information.

Ella Bonella 4

I have styled the search page results page


Pending – Having issues with this. not a default thing in wordpress/woocommerce and no obvious solution just yet… still looking…




Maximum of 2 currencies. If you woudl like more (USD, Aus, SAR) we will need a plugin at £45.
pleaselet me know if you woudl like me to go ahead with that.


Change user password



Change Category and Sub Category names

Edit and Add new products

Featured Products

Editing the News Block (on the homepage)

Edit the Blue banner (homepage)


Changing the homepage box images (NOT FOR NEWS BOX)