Flair Interiors


Design Breif

To design and build professional high end website for flairinteriorsltd.co.uk.
Homepage and 4 Informational pages for quotation purposes (this qty can be amended before or during build): About us, Our Services,
Testimonials, Contact us.
Fully Responsive design across all devices.
I will have creative freedom but will adhere to any design prerequisites

i will be using your existing domain www.flairinteriorsltd.co.uk
I will be changing the nameservers for the website so that the site is contained on my server but the domain and emails remains regestered on 123reg and so the domain renewal and any email costs should be renewed on 123reg. DO NOT pay for any hosting on 123reg.



None provided.
reference existing website at flairinteriorsltd.co.uk


Site redesign and rebuild:
To Improve the look and design of the website to make it much more visually pleasing to the visitor.
To improve customer journey and improve click through rate, and enquiries from the website.
To get google reading the website properly through google submittal, analytics submittal and reporting and submittal to google my business places/maps.

Deposit paid

Logo re-make

The logo on your existing website is small and not high quality. I am rebuilding the logo (FOC) as a vector which is a newer, better way of displaying a logo on the website. This is infinately scaleable and so this will also be able to be used for any printign or stationary in future. I will not ‘change’ the logo design. 

Design and build Starts

I have begun design and build of the new website.

1st Website Presentation

Here is the first presentation of the newly designed and built website using the original page names and written content.

Explore the website here: https://flairinteriorsltd.co.uk/2020
Use password: flair2020

Please take your time to look over the whole website and make a list of all things you would like changed.

It is IMPORTANT that you take careful consideration and submit all your changes so that they can be carried out in the next revisions stage before 2nd presentation.
Please submit your changes via email: nomis@nomisparfitt.co.uk

1st Revisions stage

Thank you for sending me further guidance, content and images at this stage.

2nd Website Presentation

Here is the second presentation of website using the new content and images you provided.

Explore the website here: https://flairinteriorsltd.co.uk/2020
Use password: flair2020

Further Requirements

Please see word document thati have sent to you via email, with notes explaining further requirements from you.
Thank you.

We are here!

2nd Revisions stage

..if required, please submit all of your required changes in one go via email, so that they can all be carried out in this revisions stage.

Final Website Presentation

Go live!

Stage payment required at this stage for go live, this will be the remaining cost of the webdesign build elements (£150).

Project Summary and Closure Documentation

Optional discussions of website maintenence plan.

Future discussions for improvements and upgrades, SEO uplifts etc.