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Your final logo files are now ready to download

You will find various file types and sizes for a multitude of uses. If you have any questions about the file types, or if you need the logo in any other size or file type, please do not hesitate to ask!


Project History

To produce a high quality version of existing logo.
I will produce a vector version of your existing logo and provide the logo on the following files:
png, jpg, pdf, svg.

Stage One

Please see below i have produced 4 iterations of the logo.
1. A high quality remake of the existing logo.
2. As #1 but with subtle gradient.
3. A remake of the existing logo with the addition of a break between the ‘house’ and ‘m’ symbols.
4. As #3 but with subtle gradient.

What’s next?

Please let me know your thoughts either by facebook message or email.

If any changes are needed, we will enter a revisions stage.
If you are happy, let me know which version you prefer (1, 2, 3 or 4) and i will generate and render and supply the final files.



You chose logo number 3, Thankyou.
You files are ready