Privacy and Data Policy

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You details are secure and none of your details are passed on to any third party.

What data I collect:
The minimum data I ask for is ‘name’, ‘company name’ and ‘email address’. However, you may give me more information such as ‘phone number’, ‘business address’, ‘domain name’, ‘budget’, ‘project information/brief/plan’
This data is stored initially for the purpose of replying to your enquiry and also for reference if you choose to hire me or ask further questions. No personal Data id given to any third party unless arranged and explicitly agreed upon.

Online Data Systems Used.
Microsoft office exchange/365. This is the server which stores all of my email communications both sent and received.
MyPhp. This is the secure server that stores the data submitted in my website contact forms and ticket system.
Cloud Backup. These backups store copies of websites and quotation/invoice documentation

Offline Data Systems used.
Microsoft Office. Shows me a copy of the emails contained on the Microsoft service above.
Express invoicing software. Contains data for use in quotations, invoicing and reoccurring billing where relevant.

Who has access to data.
I (Nomis Parfitt) have access to all the data collected. Access can sometimes be given to James Sturgess (server support technician) only on support occasions and only with explicit permissions from (you) the client.
‘Company name’ will be given to Mark Wollacott in instances where the client (you) has requested the ‘content writing’ service.

Data Storage Permissions.
Data prior to 25th May 2018 was implied. Permission to retain Data has been requested in writing, retained and/or deleted where necessary. All new Data Collection methods now explicitly ask permission to retain the data for communication purposes.

Servers location.
Servers used are located in the US and are GPDR compliant using ‘Privacy Sheild’

Data Protection.
Local data storage is protected with premium level Kaspersky Total Security. Kaspersky password manager is used to store my passwords and all my passwords are strong and unique using Kaspersky password generator. Password Example: 4Ud^WeX3NK%s.
I do not work in public or on public networks.
Data stored on PC is protected and in the event of theft can be remotely wiped.