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Nomis Parfitt – E-commerce Website Specialist, Bristol.

Let your customers buy with confidence and ease from your website

When your business model includes online sales, your E-commerce website system must match your ambitions. To do that you need a developer that takes the time to get to understand what you want to achieve, and works tirelessly to bring you a site that fulfills that potential.

As my clients are happy to confirm, I’ve delivered some exceptional e-Commerce systems that allowed them to enjoy online sales nationwide. I can take you over the main points you may need to consider and ensure nothing is missed.

When looking at how an e-commerce website solution will fit in to your business in general, and your website in particular, it’s important to think about the following:

• How can your products be shown in the best light?
• How can we make the shop a real pleasure to use?
• It will need to be as fast as possible, how do we ensure that?
• What can we do to get your customers coming back for more?
• What security can be baked in from the start?

Keeping you in control of the creative process

image of e-commerce website

Because every e-commerce system I build is bespoke, we can work as a team to make sure that the solution we create meets all the criteria required. We can spend as much as needed looking as your business aims, customers, and products to design a eCommerce site which offers the best chance of success.

As well as making the site a design and technical success, I can build in goals for growth. Perhaps you want to dramatically expand your product range in a few years, or have a new set of features come later as the business grows. Whatever your requirements, I can make sure you won’t hit any stumbling blocks in the future.

Everything you need from one freelance expert

There is so much to consider when planning a online sales platform. Content, management, SEO, graphic design and a hundred other things. I’m able to assemble a team that can design and implement systems to take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Payment Solutions to Suit You

image of e-commerce website payment vendors

I can implement and integrate hundreds of different payment and delivery options, relevant to your business. Your e-commerce website can be setup to accept any form of local or global payment making it easier to access an even larger customer base.

Unique and Memorable e-commerce Design

image of unique e-commerce website design

The design of your e-commerce website must be functional as a priority, but this doesn’t mean it can’t look great. As a professional web designer, I specialise in ensuring website functionality and great visuals too.

You want your customers to enjoy using your platform and get a great experience from shopping on your site. This requires great design features, fast and convenient functions and ultimately a pathway through the design which leads the customer through the buying process. From start to finish you want to keep customers engaged and avoid the risk of abandoned shopping carts. I believe good design is central to this as I ensure my designs take the customers from the beginning of their shopping journey through the browsing stage to decision making and eventually through to quick and effective checkout and purchase.

If you run a physical shop, then you want your website to mimic and replicate the design features you’ve chosen. This can be easily achieved, and I can work with your existing visuals to create an e-commerce website which works for you. My many years of e-commerce experience are put into practice with every design I work on.

To discuss your online shop and work with me in creating a fantastic e-commerce platform for your business, simply get in touch today.