Search Engine Optimisation 

Search engine optimisation (SEO) comes as standard with all my premium web building projects. 

I can employ many techniques and resources to ensure your website ranks as high as possible for search terms that are specific to you or your business.

I do all the technical stuff that you shouldn’t have to worry about!

Understanding SEO

image of understanding search engine optimisation

The main point is, you don’t need to have an in-depth knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation to know that I am handling it on your behalf. It is all about getting noticed and is one of the most effective long term online strategies for helping your website get seen by the right people. My design and marketing SEO strategies ensure your business is well-positioned to move up the search engine ranking positions and be found by your target audience. I utilise a range of different techniques to help your visibility increase including:


I will ensure all meta-tags relating to your web pages, blog posts and other content is appropriately tagged to be found by the search engines. 

Quality Content

Through my content writing service, I can provide high quality written content for your website, meeting the requirements of both the search engines and your audience.

Site Indexing

Your site will be fully indexed for the best possible chance of being discovered by your target audience.


Your website’s sitemap needs submitting to the search engines to once again make it easier for them to index your site.


A strong backlink profile helps to ensure a good search engine position and I can help with this.

Relevant Keywords

You want the right people visiting your website and this is largely possible due to the keywords you use matching those they tap into their chosen search engine. I can handle the keywords for your business ensuring you get the right visitors to your site.

Social Share Buttons

Social media is an extremely powerful tool for business growth and the inclusion of social share buttons on your website helps ensure you can quickly and easily get your content out there, and others can too.

Every search engine has its own unique (and semi-secret) algorithms although most release some tips and hints on how to succeed in their rankings. I ensure I am always up to date with the latest changes and updates to all search engine algorithms, ensuring your SEO strategy is tailored accordingly. Similarly, I work on an ethical basis, using only the best-known and most effective tools and strategies for success, such as Google Analytics.

Monthly Search Engine Campaigns

image Monthly Search Engine Optimisation Campaigns

In addition to my standard search engine package I also offer a monthly service that goes a little more in-depth. My monthly service offers:

This additional service allows me to go more in-depth in my SEO work for your site. Individual work can be carried out for each of the major search engines and your site can be perfectly positioned to move organically up the search rankings and be found by your target audience.

Seo: In it for the long haul

image of Search engine optimisation for the long term

A key thing to remember with Search Engine Optimisation is that it is a long-term marketing strategy. You won’t instantly see results but over time you will and by checking and discussing your monthly reports you will begin to see the positive change.

You can contact me today to discuss your search engine optimisation needs or it can be an additional service when you get in touch about web design. I’m more than happy to discuss your needs and help make your website as visible as possible, to the right people.

Explore my previous work in my portfolio and check out my other services to get a feel for the full package I can offer. Get in touch today if you want to discuss a web design project.