Web Solutions Team

To support my web design work, I have brought together a professional team of experts so that more comprehensive packages can be offered to every customer.

Small but highly experienced, my team consists only of those with real talent and passion for their individual specialty.

Team 1

This team was put together by Nomis Parfitt to provide more than your average friendly neighbourhood freelance web designer!

As a team, we can provide FULL web solution packages, from hosting, to design, to written content, and ongoing services such as Search Engine Optimisation campaigns and Blog writing services.

What Skills are Included in Our Web Team?

Web Design and Build

Team 2

The Creative one!

As this website already shows, Nomis is of course in charge and responsible for all web designing and building services offered.

Premium Hosting

Team 3

The Techy one

The hosting page explains we offer quality and secure SSL hosting to keep your website live and safe. Our expert in this field is James and he can also provide full email support for any customer.

Content Writing

Team 4

The Wordy one

Our content writing specialist Charlie is highly experienced and works across many different business areas. Like all good content writers, you can expect comprehensive research into your business and field to ensure relevant and engaging copy for your website.

Search Engine Optimisation

Team 5

The Googley one

Our search engine optimisation expert is Ryan. Ryan can provide one-off analysis of your site and content, but he also provides ongoing monthly SEO campaigns for continuous monitoring of your campaigns.

Case Study

In the below case study you can get a full understanding of why each member of the team plays a key role in the success of any website.

Classic Kitchens Direct

Team 6

We were commissioned by our client to deliver our full web solutions package. Classic Kitchens Direct hired for:

We worked on every part of the project, including the ongoing services to ensure optimal results across our package.

Web build

Our client required a full high-end website build. This involved a full custom design, product calculator system and content management system. Working closely with the client, Nomis crafted and completed the full build, keeping communication channels open and regularly discussing the project with the company director for input and direct collaboration.


We provided the client with secure (SSL) hosting for the website and also several email inboxes. 

James also provided full email support. James remotely set up all company emails on several computers and devices so that the client was ‘up-and-running’ in the shortest possible time, with minimal fuss.

Content Writing

All content on the client’s website was professional written by Mark. With a little direction from the client about the tone and style of their desired content, Mark researched the market and presented a full proposal for the site’s content. Upon approval the content was handed over to Nomis to quickly and efficiently upload it onto the website. 

Mark also provides blog articles on a regular ongoing basis. The blogs are also posted by us after approval. We also provide licenced images for some of the blog posts where necessary. 

Search Engine Optimisation

During the website build process all on-site SEO is fully optimised for maximum ranking opportunity from day one. Our team expert Ryan also provides an on-going monthly SEO campaign for our client. This includes continuous monitoring of competitors as well as on-going optimisation both on-site and off-site. This helps ensure the site’s visibility in search engines and gives it the best chance of ranking highly.

I worked hard to find professionals I can trust to back up my business and ensure I can offer all my web design customers more than your regular package when they sign up. If you’re interested in any (or all!) of my services, get in touch today.