Website Content Writing

Your website is nothing without written content!

Finding the right words for your website isn’t always easy.

You may struggle to craft the tone of voice to match your brand identity or you may simply not know what to say. Time could also be the issue, but in any instance, I can help.

Working with a content writing specialist, I ensure any content you need for your website is perfectly in fitting with your design and your online presence. Good content takes your visitors on a journey through your website and alongside design leads them to the end goal you’re looking for – whether that’s sales, enquiries or something else altogether.

Optimised Website Content Writing – For Your Customers and the Search Engines

No one should write their website simply to suit Google, but you have to consider search engine optimisation when putting your website content together. Your target client should always be at the forefront of your mind when putting your website together but when you work with me and my team we’re able to both focus on your customer and ensure your copy is 100% SEO-friendly.

Good SEO website content writing will contain your well-researched keywords (something we can do on your behalf). It will also blend them in naturally in a way which ensures your customer can enjoy and understand your content effectively. Content length is also something which is hugely debated – longform content is becoming more popular and favoured by search engines but this can be the hardest to produce if you’re not a professional.

All website content writing that we produce is in line with your design, your customer and will satisfy the search engines, helping to improve the visibility of your website.

Understanding SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing sounds more technical than it is. Our in-depth understanding of SEO means we’re able to easily create quality content which satisfies search engines and engages with your customers too. Content writing has to be a core part of your SEO strategy, designed to help your business be more easily found in search engine rankings.

Good quality SEO content will entice your customers and keep search engines happy. There are certain best practices to follow when creating SEO content such as:

1. Including your main keyword phrase in the title of your page

2. Completing all meta tags and descriptions including the keywords

3. Using your main keywords in headings throughout your content

4. The use of LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords to help ensure you don’t overdo the main keywords

These are key elements of content-based SEO and all part and parcel of our content writing service. Our service ensures you don’t just have great design, you have the persuasive content to match.

Our Content Writing Service

Myself and Mark, a professional content writing specialist, will closely research your business sector to get a feel for the market. We will also discuss with you the style and tone of content you’re looking for – do you want a light, informal tone or something more professional and business-like? We will also look more closely at your particular products or services to ensure we have a full understanding of them before putting (virtual) pen to paper. All content we create is relevant and interesting for your customers, while also hitting all the targets necessary to please the search engines.

Our website content writing service can help your business be found. We can localise content so small local businesses are found in local search or work with bigger companies to target more popular, well-known keywords. Get in touch today to discuss your content needs and of course you can pair this with any of my other services too.


Explore my previous work in my portfolio and check out my other services to get a feel for the full package I can offer. Get in touch today if you want to discuss a web design project.